Dafni was established in 1998 by Paraskevi Maziotis.The name Dafni was derived from “Dafnoussia”, which is the region where the olives are grown. This region is located in central Greece about 150 km north of the capital city of Athens. Dafni has its own production of olives, which come from about 3,600 olive trees, and have been passed on for 3 generations. The family’s first plantation consisted of 200 trees in 1918 and has since multiplied into about 3,600 trees.

Dafni was started in 1998 by supplying restaurants and supermarkets within Greece with hand selected Kalamata olives and high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In 2002 Dafni began to expand into different markets, which included the Italian market. This venture helped to give the family name more exposure and establish the expanding business. Shortly after in 2005, Dafni collaborated with DNM Imports & Exports in the San Francisco Bay Area and began exporting to the United States.